Server Migration Status

For the past two weeks, we have been busy migrating client sites from one data center to another.  We are pleased to report that the server migration process is complete for the majority of our clients.  A few sites have yet to be moved due to SSL issues or other reasons, but as of this writing, 90% of our sites have been moved.

Our new servers are much faster and secure than our previous ones and so far we are happy with the results we are seeing in load times on the sites that have been moved.  For example our website, took about 3.8 seconds to load on our old servers.  And it’s not a particularly large site.  On the new servers, we are averaging about 2.3 seconds.

We hope to have the migration 100% complete by the end of November so that we can provide all of our clients with secure, fast-loading websites.  If you are interested in hosting your website with us, or are interested in a new website or redesign, email [email protected] today to get started