Payment Policy

Updated: 12.22.15


Information on this page supplements any payment language found in your contract.  Should a discrepancy be found, your contract will supersede this information.

Invoices — All Account Types

Clients who receive regular invoices, i.e. hosting-only or managed, will receive their invoice on or around the 20th of each month via email to their registered contact person and are due on the 1st of each month.

Individual project invoices will be billed upon completion and are due within 10 days.

While we prefer to be eco-friendly and do all of our billing via email, we know there are some people who prefer an old fashioned paper bill and are happy to provide you with one for $5 per month.  Likewise, should you ever need us to send you a copy of an old invoice on paper, the same fee would apply.

Payments — All Account Types

We prefer electronic, recurring payments whenever possible as this saves both of us time and also the environment.  However, many businesses prefer to write a check for our services and that is just fine.  If you do write us a check, please know that we won’t start work or launch your project (or restore service, if your account was suspended) until the check has cleared our bank.  Also, if for whatever reason your check doesn’t clear, a $30 returned check fee will be added.  If we have not heard from you within 72 hours of our notice of returned check, we will turn your account over to the prosecuting attorneys office for collection.

Please note:  If you use online bill pay to pay your invoice, we will most likely not receive your check for several days.  In our experience, it takes between 3 and 5 business days for your bank to issue the check and then however long the postal service takes to deliver it.  Please take this into account when paying your invoices with online bill pay.

Work Orders

Clients wishing to have updates or other work performed on their website will be issued a work order / quote prior to the commencement of the project.  Work Orders over $50 will require a 50% deposit at time of agreement, with the remaining 50% due on completion.  Work orders less than $100 will be billed upon completion and are due within 10 days.

Late Payments

Payments received more than 5 days past their due date are subject to a 5% ($5 minimum) late fee.  Accounts more than 10 days past due are subject to immediate suspension.

If your account is more than 7 days past due, no further work will be done on your account, except for normal backups, security updates and emergency work.

Early Payment Program

Recurring clients who pay their invoice within 72 hours of receipt will receive a discount off their next invoice.  Payment must be received no later than 5 days after the issue date of the invoice for credit to be earned.

Payment Agreements

We understand that people fall on hard times from time to time and businesses are no different.  Rather than have your account suspended, if you are a hosting, support or managed client and find yourself in a situation where you feel like you cannot pay your invoice, simply contact us and request a payment agreement.  We will require a 30% deposit of your total amount due and we will split the remainder between your next two invoices.

This program may be used up to two times per year and is not available for individual project invoices or website development invoices.

Suspended Accounts

Accounts which are more than 10 days past due, or who have had a check returned unpaid by their bank are subject to account suspension.  Suspended accounts will have their websites display a suspension page and no traffic will be allowed to access your website.

Vestra Interactive also holds the right to suspend your account for violating any of our hosting policies.

If your account becomes suspended, a restoration fee of up to $150 will be added to your account.  This fee is determined by what services you have active and prior account activity and will need to be paid prior to the restoration of services.

IT Clients and one-time project clients whose accounts are more than 10 days past due will have no further work performed on their accounts until all charges due are paid.  Please note that this could include several invoices.  In addition, all future work will be subject to a 50% minimum down payment before the project will begin.

*Emergency work is defined as any work required to keep the site online or our services stable.  It does not include last minute changes to the site or content updates.

*One-time projects include website content updates, seo, marketing or other add-on services not billed as a monthly package.

Rush Work and After Hours Support

Website Design

Typically we estimate a website will take 30-45 days from the beginning of development to launch.  Sometimes we over estimate, other times we underestimate, however we strive for our 30-45 day launch window.  Sometimes, however, clients need a project launched sooner than that.  Projects that need to be launched sooner than that can be rushed for a 30% surcharge of your estimated project cost.

Please note that a rush order does not bump other clients off the production schedule, but rather give you priority for open slots.  Also keep in mind that by speeding up production, you are also agreeing to an accelerated meeting and content delivery schedule that you must meet to keep the rushed development schedule.


IT and Website Support and modifications

We understand that some clients like to work late into the evening and on weekends and appreciate their dedication.  While our support hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM central time to 4 PM central time, we do offer after hours service for an additional fee:


Managed Clients Stand Alone / Hosting Clients



4PM – 9PM $60/hr


Weekends and later than 9pm